We have partnered with innovation agency Nesta in the UK, disseminating their creative business training methodology in more than 20 countries worldwide, helping creative entrepreneurs acquire the knowledge and the skills to strengthen their businesses and/or transform an idea into a sustainable enterprise. In Ukraine, the programme was launched in 2015 under the brand name Creative Enterprise Ukraine. Since 2019 it became a part of the EU-funded House of Europe programme.

The core element of the programme is Creative Enterprise Ukraine training. Usually, it is delivered as an offline three-day offer. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also developed an online version, which lasts for seven days. The training allows participants to explore their existing businesses or business ideas from the point of finances, customers and development potential. The training is based on Nesta’s Creative Enterprise Toolkit. Training sessions are delivered by Nesta-accredited Ukrainian-based facilitators

By October 2022, the British Council Ukraine has delivered 37 training sessions for 775 emerging entrepreneurs in nine cities across the country. All of them represent the cultural and creative industries of Ukraine. Learn more here

Creative Enterprise Ukraine training participants get access to the other two elements of the programme – alumni support opportunities and alumni community.   

Who is the Creative Enterprise Ukraine for? 

  • Entrepreneurs with existing business in the following sectors: advertising and marketing, architecture, crafts, creative hubs, design (product, graphic, interior, etc.), IT, digital media and gaming, fashion, film, TV, and radio, performing arts, publishing and literature, museums, galleries and libraries, music, visual arts and photography. 
  • People with a business idea in one of the abovementioned sectors wish to turn it into a sustainable enterprise. 

Preference is given to participants with up to two years of experience in the business.

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