The study described in this report is part of a programme of collaboration mapped out in a Letter of Intent signed by The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine (MDT), the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MES) and the British Council. The Letter of Intent provides a roadmap for the British Council to collaborate with MDT and MES in the implementation of the Future Perfect project, which aims to “to improve the English language proficiency and capability of the Ukrainian people, in particular through the use of innovative technologies”. This study has focused on teachers of English in the formal education system, as that professional group will play a key role in any future language policy implementation and achieving the goals of the Future Perfect project.

The baseline study collected data across a number of key focal points that can inform a comprehensive view of capacity for English teachers, including both English proficiency testing and an extensive questionnaire survey. The English language Proficiency of the teachers across four skill areas: listening, reading, writing, and speaking are presented, alongside information about their attitudes towards online teaching and perspectives on English language teaching in face-to-face and online modes in terms of capabilities, opportunities, and motivation. The results of a teacher training needs analysis is also provided.

Please see the presentation with details about the research findings and recommendations.