40 Ukrainian schools from Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zakarpattia have been involved in our programme since 2019. These schools have organised informal educational spaces where teachers, parents, and youth are upgrading their skills and also learning ways to develop and unite their community through social action projects. 

Over 100 of these projects have been already implemented, and they are of different areas of focus: waste management, supporting vulnerable groups of society, organizing festivals, library modernisation and many more. Here is the full list with a short description.

Project Description
Open-air classroom, Donetsk oblast, Bylbasivka Creating and arrangement of the Pavilion as multifunctional educational space for students of the community and their parents with the purpose of providing high quality educational services and  introduction of non-formal education.
Become noticeable in the dark period of time, Donetsk oblast, Bylbasivka Sharing the information about road safety and making flickers.
BB (brain and body) room "Territory of Use", Donetsk oblast, Dobropillia To create a comfortable wellness and developing environment (room) on the basis of the school for the implementation of drug-free healing and creative rest of the community (students, teachers etc.) that will contribute to the disease prevention, immune system reinforcement and emotional release of its visitors. 
Eco energy, Donetsk oblast, Dobropillia Realization of environmental activities focused on formation within the School 4 community sorting organic wastes culture and using the resulting compost for fertilizing trees.
Anticinema, Donetsk oblast, Druzhkivka Arrangement of the assembly hall space and creation of an anticinema in order to improve the conditions for socialization, communication, interaction between the members of the community. Involvement of community members (parents, pupils, employees and pupils of branches, other educational institutions, community residents, etc.) in cultural, educational, informational and educational events.
A Clean Village is Everyone's deal, Donetsk oblast, Illinivka A Clean Village is Everyone's deal - a social and environmental project to solve local environmental problems.
Lingua Club is the best motivation for learning, Donetsk oblast, Illinivka Creating favorable conditions for  the healthy development of children in primary school. 
Happy kids, Donetsk oblast, Illinivka Lego рlayground is a place to relax and get to know the world through the game.
The safe space Impuls, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka The safe space "Impuls" is intended for holding psychological activities for communities for mental health promotion and the enhancement of social adaptation in crisis situation.
Unity of generations, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka Unity of generations - leisure organization for the elderly people.
The Inspiration Pavilion, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka The arrangement of the Pavilion for the community of the town Kostiantynivka on the territory of the Kostiantynivka Institution of General Secondary Education №13.
Playground - a place of happy childhood, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka To create a playground for recreation on the basis of Kostyantinovka school 13 with sports and play equipment, involving the residents of the neighborhood.
Mediahub «Bridge», Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka The project is designed to create educational space for pupils of the lyceum with the purpose of the organization media literacy.
Green Town, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka The installed containers for collecting plastic bottles will make our town cleaner and the locals more responsible.
The Pedagogy of Partnership in Action. Theater of Unification, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka Increasing the cultural level, aesthetic taste, initiative, striving for creative self-realization of the city public by engaging in theatrical performances at the educational institution.
I am policemen! (Schools little policemen/women), Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka Raise awareness of children, parents and teachers about the work of the police to facilitate communication and interaction in the learning environment to promote the safe development of the city Konstantinivka.
A kindergarten of new opportunities, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka The reconstruction of the kindergarten porch and building of a ramp for children with special needs. 
Green area, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka Greening the area near the school.
 School library, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka Creating a modern, interactive public space for the next generation of libraries, enhancing students and their parents' interest in working with information through innovative technologies.
A tennis table for every school, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka Tennis tables give an opportunity to combine education with doing sports for children. 
Healthy Child-Happy Family, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka  Purchase of sports equipment for activities of children with parents and carrying out of sports entertainments and actions. 
Communication without borders, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka Communication without borders – language learning club for the citizens of the community.
Women's space "An Active Lady", Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka Creation of women's space for gender equality, formation of active life position of a woman. 
The Room of Psychological Uploading, Donetsk oblast, Kostiantynivka To create the room of psychological relief.
Center for Speech and Mental Development of Children with Special Educational Needs, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaiv Promoting the progress of inclusive principles in the Mykolayivka territorial community through high-quality and qualified correctional assistance to children with disabilities, who are trained in GSO№2 of the Mykolayivка ОTS. Integration of the parents` community, support  of advisory and practical assistance in the upbringing and development of children with special educational needs ,that will help their further adaptation and socialization in the society.
Break without gadgets, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaiv Equip school recreations and organize the school space for comfort students` relaxation without gadgets, create pleasurable atmosphere for live commutation to combine education and a rest.
STEM centre «Stem-rik», Donetsk oblast, Mykolaiv  To create conditions for mastering the basics of circuitry, electronics, programming in the process of integrating initial engineering and technical design and the basics of robotics by children of primary and secondary school age by arranging a STEM-center “Smart land” based on the school№2.
Give the Earth a chance, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaiv To form a careful attitude to ecological position of the environment and rational treatment with litters. To form thinking on a sustainable future, to bring up appropriate vital values and ecological behaviour.
Generation ties, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka To create comfortable leisure conditions for children and people of older generation, mothers with their children to communicate, rest, exchange of experience, by arranging the yard with a rest area (a table with benches, a slide, sports element "Mushrooms" and benches for children and adults) and the nearby territory (planting of trees, bushes, flowerbeds around the playground).
Construction of the pavilion, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka To unite efforts of the community in  the organization of learning area and afterclasses activities for population of community, in the creation of a favorable rest area in the territory of the Mykolaivka school №2.
Micro location «Warm yard»-a cell for communication and public discussion, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka To create place using ecological materials and technologies that is comfortable for children and adults leisure. To provide the most comfortable and favorable living place for children and adults. To improve the exterior of the yard by Sviatogircka street and the community. To create a place where you can comfortably, with a cup of aromatic coffee, solve problems and make action plan for future.
Visualizations and games of imagination -learning through games and visibility, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka Creation of a visual-didactic game base in the speech therapist's office and a defectologist for correctional and developmental lessons with children with special educational needs, as well as conducting master classes, socializing evenings, trainings for parents raising children with special educational needs.
Nikolaevka SPORT LIVE-together in a healthy future, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka Along the way, creating an environment for conducting weekly school, quarterly urban, regional sports competitions (sports competitions, sports festivals, military-patriotic game "Falcon-Jura", events for Mother's Day, events for the Defender of Ukraine, volleyball, football, basketball, Vesel, Olympic stays, health weeks) create the conditions to achieve high athletic performance. Promote a healthy lifestyle. Promote the promotion of physical culture and sports among children and young people.
School PLAYLAND, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka To create conditions for mobile space for children of all ages and development features. The goal is the physical, intellectual, social, moral and ethical development of children. The project will provide the opportunity to actively and cohesively spend jointly children’s leisure; will promote unification, reduction of inequality.
Play ,Live, Breathe, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka To create a green area using ecological materials and technologies that would be convenient for children’s relaxation and leisure. To provide the most comfortable and the most supportive living environment for children and adults. To enhance the exterior of the community. 
Creative sewing workshop, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka Creating conditions for self-development and creative thinking, mastering sewing skills, independent activity for students from schools and residents of the community by involving them in work of the creative workshop,  based іn the Institution of  General Secondary Education  №2 in Mykolayivka.
Hall without doors, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka The establishment and development of the personality of students through socially significant activities.  To create a recreation area in the recreation of the school for students.  To create space for effective varied breaks.  To equip the corridor spaces near the class.  To divide the space into creative and learning areas for educational and cognitive activities, thematic meetings, creative events, for experiments, games, creative activities, leisure. Communication of children from different classes, children with special educational needs, families of students.  To conduct creative, non-standard parent-teacher meetings, seminars, and trainings.
I want to live like you, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka To create a space of interaction in which students with special needs and their peers from the community schools will be able to participate in successful activities, to communicate during extracurricular work. To unite parents of children with special needs, where they will be able to communicate, share demand, solve common issues.
Space of a happy childhood, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka The aim is to arrange a playground between two five-store yed apartment houses for comfortable leisure activities for parents with their children. In the nearestfuture the play ground will be a venue for family holidays and festivals.
Sportes even in bed weather, Donetsk oblast, Mykolaivka Table football and hockey is a favourite game of children from all over the world. It’s an available and funny way to take part in popular sports without leaving school, as sports have to be in the children’s lives every day and in any weather. And when weather is good, but there is no desire to spend time outside, this game will gather together the whole class or the whole family. Also parents and children of the community will be able to come and arrange family leisure playing table football or hockey. During breaks, after school children attend an extended day group at school and also during visiting a summer school camp will be happy to play such sports board games. Children with disabilities who have no opportunity to play common football and hockey wiil also be able to join this kind of ports game.
Take the fliker and be safe, Donetsk oblast, Myrnohrad  Organization of active children’s cooperation by means of workshops which produce flickers and distribute them.
Children art through ecological glasses, Donetsk oblast, Sloviansk Ecological and patriotic education of children and young people, formation of caring attitude towards the nature of their native land through their involvement in creative activities by uniting the city community.
Students’ intellectual development through the game of chess, Donetsk oblast, Sloviansk Creating conditions for students' personal and intellectual development.
The workshop is good, Donetsk oblast, Sloviansk Goodness workshop is aimed at providing all the assistance in uniting the city community around the  problems of the least protected groups of the city dwellers and raising tolerant relation to the citizens of the mentioned category.
Children art through ecological glasses, Donetsk oblast, Sloviansk Ecological and patriotic education of children and young people, formation of caring attitude towards the nature of their native land through their involvement in creative activities by uniting the city community.
Happy space is for everyone, Donetsk oblast, Sloviansk Happy space is for everyone! Everybody needs active life,being active  increases quality of life and everyone's chances of remaining healthy and independent.
Young Leader modern communication studio, Donetsk oblast, Sloviansk Creating a studio - a modern creative information space for work, business meetings, sharing experiences, shooting videos of social advertising by teenagers and youth leaders of student self-government in Sloviansk.
With the eyes of a child we draw the world, Donetsk oblast, Sloviansk Through the eyes of a child we draw the world. Creating baby drawings and embodiment with 3D design.
G-sphere, Donetsk oblast, Soledar Creating space for filming.
Robotics iaboratory, Donetsk oblast, Soledar To involve students in the world of modern engineering and information technology.
 BIG checkers «Checkers like crackers - easy to be busy», Donetsk oblast, Soledar Creating a modern playground for playing checkers.
Development and learning is the path to unity, Donetsk oblast, Yablunivka and Oleksandr-Kalinovo To create a resource room for children with special needs for their socialization and emotional relief.
Wear flicker-save your life, Luhansk oblast, Bilovodsk Making flickers for pedestrian safety of the Bilovodsk.
My school is my comfort zone, Luhansk oblast, Hirske The project is aimed at creating a recreation area for children of the New Ukrainian School. 
Different colors - we are different. One goal is one family, Luhansk oblast, Hirske Workshop on painting the walls of the gymnasium in the building for junior classes.
Games festival: sport + intelligence, Luhansk oblast, Kabychivka Increasing the sporting, intellectual and cultural abilities of the Kabychivka school community through the January 2020 Games Festival.
Joint leisure - strong family, Luhansk oblast, Lysychansk Creating a play space for pupils and parents to communicate in the after-school hours.
Table Games Championship among Lysychansk Student Youth, Luhansk oblast, Lysychansk Organizing a Board Game Championship for school kids and their parents for three months.
Bike`s hоuse, Luhansk oblast, Lysychansk Creating convenient conditions for promoting healthy and environmental – friendly lifestyle.
Little prince’s  dream, Luhansk oblast, Lysychansk Development of students' creative abilities in the after-school hours.
Markivka Junior Hub, Luhansk oblast, Markivka Increase the degree of public consciousness and communication of young people by opening the Markivka Junior Hub Leisure Center to provide non-formal education for Markivka United Territorial Community.
Safety spase of happiness, Luhansk oblast, Milove Safety spase of happiness- creating of the safety space for the relaxation at school.
The Community Builders, Luhansk oblast, Neshcheretovo  The Community Builders Project will introduce and bring together the youth of 24 villages located in the Belokupakinsky District Farm, help them build joint projects and create a Youth Advisory Body (Youth Council).
Youth space FRIENDS, Luhansk oblast, Neshcheretovo  Creating a convenient center in the school library for active communication, exchange of thoughts, readings, events and self-education of young people with. 
Uniting together and without borders, Luhansk oblast, Neshcheretovo  The project "Uniting together and without borders" Inter-district sports rally unites people with special needs and all residents of different ages during sports competitions and joint activities to create conditions for the accessibility of all people's sports without restrictions.
School forestry "We cherish the future in the present", Luhansk oblast, Neshcheretovo   Creating conditions and promoting professional self-determination of youth by attracting it to effective use and reproduction of forest resources.
Рsychological Unloading Room Rukavychka, Luhansk oblast, Neshcheretovo  Tо create the conditions for effective use of free time, preservation and restoration of psycho-emotional health of children (including children with special educational needs) through creativity, play activities and sensory equipment.
Mobile Studio-Theater of animation "Prominchyk", Luhansk oblast, Neshcheretovo  Creation of a modern space for animation and theatrical activities that will contribute to the development of creative abilities, improve the communication skills of children and parents of the community.
EcoTorba, Luhansk oblast, Neshcheretovo  Increase public awareness of Sustainable Development. Introduce the use of ecoturb as an alternative way of abandoning polyethylene. It will reveal modern ways of using energy-saving resources. Enhance communication skills of young people to disseminate ideas of preserving the ecology of their native land. 
Festival « Vyshivanka – coled eternity in patterns», Luhansk oblast, Neshcheretovo  Organising the village festival « Vyshivanka – coled eternity in patterns», which will help to unite the citizens of three villages. 
The TEAM, Luhansk oblast, Neshcheretovo  TEAM Interactive Space is a project aimed to unite young people during the arrangement of the school assembly hall, the implementation of youth initiatives (forums, TED conferences, screenings with discussions) for students and all residents of the community. 
For modern school- modern canteen, Luhansk oblast, Nyzhnioteple Creation of comfortable conditions for organising healthy children's lunches through the modernization school canteen in the KZ "Nizhneoteplivska comprehensive school I-III degrees of Stanychno-Luhansk district Luhansk region".
The school of my dream, Luhansk oblast, Nyzhnioteple To create comfortable conditions for organising new educational space and design in primary school. Development of children and their motivation to learn through new educational environment in the educational institution which will facilitate the development of the creative personality of children.
Creation multifunctional educational space for student's of New Ukrainian School, Luhansk oblast, Nyzhnioteple Creation of educational space for study of primary grades due to the concept of New ukrainian school, which will provide multifunctional educational space.
Clean school yard with bike parking, Luhansk oblast, Nyzhnioteple Organization and carrying out of measures on improvement of the territory of the yard of «Nyzhnyoteplivsʹka comprehensive school of I-III degrees of  Stanychno-Luhansʹkiy region Luhansʹka oblast " by carrying out "subbotniks" and cleaning of the territory, establishing parking for bicycles, splitting of flower beds, starting the alley fence.
Reconstruction of the sports ground of the KZ «Nizhnyoteplivska comprehensive school of I-III degrees of Stanychno-Luhansk district of Lugansk region», Luhansk oblast, Nyzhnioteple To create the proper conditions for the organization of educational process and training in physical education at the sports ground of the KZ "Nizhnyoteplivska comprehensive school of I-III degrees of the Stanychno-Luhansk district of Lugansk region", which will promote the acquisition of children's skills of physical training, healthy puppies of the younger generation through the reconstruction of the school playground.
Proper posture is the key to health, Luhansk oblast, Nyzhnioteple To create the necessary conditions for the establishment of a sports and health center in the sports hall of the KZ "Nizhnyoteplivska secondary school of I-III degrees of the Stanichno-Luhansk district of Lugansk region", to increase the effectiveness of preventive measures for disorders of the musculoskeletal system, improve the form of health and health. not only the students of the school, but also the whole generation of our community.
Creating conditions for creativity, Luhansk oblast, Nyzhnioteple Creation of modern and comfortable conditions in the KZ «Nyzhyoteplivska comprehensive school of I-III grades Stanychno-Luhansʹkiy region Luhansʹka oblast »for development of creative activity of participants of educational process by widening their horizons through participation in different types of creativity.
“The Green Classroom of the Gymnasium #20 of the Popasna District Council Luhansk oblast”, Luhansk oblast, Popasna Design of the “Green Classroom”, creating of the bright and motivating environment.
Cozy School Yard, Luhansk oblast, Rubizhne Creating a convenient zone for staying outdoors during the breaks and after school in warm weather for students of 1-11 grades and teachers, improving the area in front of the school by setting of 6 benches and creating opportunities for outdoor game activities.
Lounge-Zone, Luhansk oblast, Rubizhne Creating a convenient zone for communication and relaxing for students of 5-11 grades and teachers for spending their leisure time during the breaks and after school.
Beauty will save the world, Luhansk oblast, Severodonetsk To equip the space of the Severodonetsk City Center for Ecological-Naturalistic Creativity for organizing and conducting the city stage of the All-Ukrainian competition "Earth is our common home", excursions to the school greenhouse, practical floristic workshops, presentations, research works for students of the city's youth students' experience.
Creative space «Our school town», Luhansk oblast, Starobilsk To organize and equip school student government area for managing a wide range of events, activities, programs and initiatives around school. 
Open classroom, Zakarpattia oblast, Berehovo Through the joint efforts of high school teachers, staff and students, with the help of parents of high school students, with the support of city authorities and indifferent citizens, create an open audience and playgrounds within the abandoned park.
Dovhe Open Air Cinema, Zakarpattia oblast, Dovhe The project is about creating an open-air cinema for leisure activities, spending time together, gaining cultural and artistic experience for residents of Dovge village and surrounding villages.
Green light for students, Zakarpattia oblast, Dovhe Solving the problem of placing bicycles near our school, to create a bicycle parking that will encourage children to go to school more often with eco-friendly transport. 
The schoolyard is a happy place for school life, Zakarpattia oblast, Dovhe Creation of comfortable conditions and recreation areas for children, students, parents and teachers of Lypetsk-Polyana school during breaks and after school at the school yard. Uniting and joint activities on greening the territory, increasing the time spent outdoors for communication, games and creativity of all participants of the village. 
Waste sorting in Rakhiv, Zakarpattia oblast, Rakhiv Awareness of the importance of garbage sorting, lectures for students of schools and kindergartens, establishment of 9 sorting zones in Rakhiv city.
Green educational space, Zakarpattia oblast, Rakhiv The creation of outside study room on an unused school territory of Rakhiv secondary comprehensive school #1. 
The first minute is a chance at life, Zakarpattia oblast, Rakhiv Develop first aid skills in the event of an accident.
Let´s sort it together, Zakarpattia oblast, Turia-Remeta Introducing a waste sorting culture among schoolchildren, their parents, and the community.
Just do it, Zakarpattia oblast, Turia-Remeta The “Just do it” project will allow playing our favourite basketball not only for teenagers but also for adults and for the younger generation.
School family park, Zakarpattia oblast, Turia-Remeta Improve the park eco-zone of the Turya-Remetov school for the safe stay of younger students and high school students during their leisure time (at breaks); youth, residents and guests of the village in the evening and on weekends; by fencing, supplementing the area with benches for children and adults, and updating the landscape design.
Mintonett’s William Morhan, Zakarpattia oblast, Turia-Remeta The «Mintonett’s William Morhan» project will allow playing our favourite volleyball not only for teenagers but also for adults and for the younger generation.
Art workshop Beauty with your own hands, Zakarpattia oblast, Velyki Lazy Create a workshop for the harmonious development of children and adults.
On a break without gadgets, Zakarpattia oblast, Velyki Lazy Аrrangement a space for pupils to relax with the condition of not using gadgets during the break.
A Journey into a Fairy Tale, Zakarpattia oblast, Velyki Lazy Creation of puppet theater.
Giving old think new life, Zakarpattia oblast, Velyki Lazy Enhancing the ecological culture of student youth, acquiring practical knowledge and newcomers to economical resource consumption.
Bicycle parking, Zakarpattia oblast, Velyki Lazy Creation of conditions for introduction of bicycle transport into everyday life of the population. 
A Journey into a Fairy Tale, Zakarpattia oblast, Velyki Lazy Renovation of the territory of the park by joint efforts, creation of attractive zones from the gabions and improvement of the landscape of the recreation area.
Eco-classroom, Zakarpattia oblast, Velyki Lazy Сreating an open learning space that will provide outdoor learning for children.
Homeland, Zakarpattia oblast, Velyki Lazy To create comfortable conditions for honoring Ukrainian traditions and organizing meaningful recreation of the inhabitants of the village of Veliki Lazy, which will promote the development of the creative personality of the child, the restoration of cultural traditions and the proper development of children.
For modern school- modern space, Zakarpattia oblast, Velyki Lazy To create comfortable conditions for organising new educational space and design in school development of the child and his motivation to learn through new educational environment in the educational institution which will facilitate the development of the creative personality of the child , implemitation of project, team and group activities in the educational process during breaks.
Сo-working space, Zakarpattia oblast, Vynohradiv Creating a co-working space (lounge style).
Library Miracles, Zakarpattia oblast, Vynohradiv  Creating a new library format in Vynohradiv Secondary School I-IIIist. №3 them. By engaging children and young people to read and create cartoons on their own, where children will combine knowledge with leisure and creative development, communicate, learn, play, spend more free time in the library, which will help increase student employment in their free time time.
The territory of a happy childhood, Zakarpattia oblast, Vynohradiv Creating for the students a cognitive and recreational space "Territory of a happy childhood" on school beliefs "for the sake of achieving, through play, a tolerant attitude of students to each other, ensuring respect, forming such important qualities of personality as a sense of friendship, collectivism, mutual assistance and equality entonational, religious, linguistic, or any other affiliation, improving the social and psychological climate between them.
Selective waste, Zakarpattia oblast, Yanoshi Community activists decided to start the implementation of separate garbage collection in the community from the school.