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Youth Connect for Ukraine aims to support young Ukrainians to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives now, wherever they are living. It aspires to support young people, including women, girls and those from disadvantaged groups affected by the war in Ukraine to have the skills and motivation to build connections in their local context and influence their own future and their communities.   

We are designing training and activities to build leadership attributes that are needed in times of disruption and to support social development. 

The programme’s ambition is to meet the needs of young leaders from Ukraine and Europe (ages 16-30) and provide them with skills, resources, and networks that they need to provide leadership in their current communities and in a reconstructed Ukraine as part of a European network.  

The programme, in the first year of implementation, will take place in Ukraine, Romania and Poland and it will present the Pop-Up Youth Centres in different locations offering skills development and learning opportunities, access to information, support from experts and opportunities for networking and exchanging. The programme is open to young leaders from Ukraine who might be internally displaced or are currently living in Romania and Poland, and to young participants from the local communities who are interested in leadership and creating positive relationships within their communities.

Youth Connect for Ukraine is part of wider Stronger Together – Youth Leadership Programme 

In Ukraine, we will organise three Pop-up Youth Centres in three different cities. They will take place in Lutsk, Lviv and Ternopil with different, but engaging and interesting programmes. Applications and participation are free, and we welcome all young people from 18 to 30 years of age to apply to our leadership training. Parallel activities will be also offered for the wider audience during the dates of the Pop-up Youth Centres.    

Lutsk Pop-up Youth Centre
Location: Volyn Youth Centre
Dates: 21 – 25 February

“Personal development through social communities” - we will introduce you to various youth communities in the city, which are leaders in their fields, from urbanism to entrepreneurship. 

Here, you will definitely find your proactive group of young people, where you can realize yourself and, at the same time, make this world a better place. 

In Lutsk our partner is The Volyn Youth Centre. This is a creative space in the centre of Lutsk City, where youth can find like-minded people, turn ideas into reality and take their first step into civic activity. 

Lviv Pop-up Youth Centre
Location: The Dnister Hotel
Dates: 23 – 27 February

“Creative leadership” — exciting training and networking, getting to know representatives of 10 influential public organizations of Lviv in the Marketplace format.  

Meeting with opinion leaders who will share their own success stories with a creative ingredient in the "Living Library" format.  

Participation in a panel discussion with representatives of local government, socially responsible business and youth leaders about youth policy and youth support in the field of creative industries and much more. 

Moreover, you can create social initiatives and receive funding for their implementation. A friendly atmosphere, new insights, creative thinking and co-creation will provide an unforgettable experience that will become a new starting point for you as a leader. 

Our partner in Lviv is "Active Citizens Town" - civic organization engaged in non-formal education of youth. Also, they are committed to local community development by building partnerships between key stakeholders and implementing social action projects. 

Ternopil Pop-up Youth Centre
Location: The Avalon Hotel 
Dates: 06.03 – 10.03 

“Local authority-business-community partnership” – interactive leadership training to strengthen youth skills and the opportunity to receive support for your social initiative.  

The program is complemented by inspiring and constructive meetings with representatives of business, government and the public sector for the synergistic development of the community. 

"Ternopil Science Centre" is our partner in Ternopil. This is a youth non-formal cultural and educational space for holding events, trainings, forums and valuable leisure time. They provide comprehensive support to public organizations and youth initiatives. One of the key activities of “Ternopil Science Center” is implementation of city-wide events and the "Science Picnics" project and coordination of the work of the interactive Museum of Science and Technology. 

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