Digital Lab: Creative Hubs Managers 2.0

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the framework of activities in many areas of our lives. Among other things, it pushed organisations and communities to rediscover themselves. Quarantine restrictions greatly affected the work of creative hubs, which faced the urgent need to adapt to new realities trying to find ways of work, manoeuvring between offline and online.

Digital Lab – online laboratory focused on capacity building. It brings together the Ukrainian creative hubs managers in order to jointly develop practical solutions and share experience. Digital Lab is also the place to learn about the European approaches and models of hubs management presented by the EU and the UK experts. 

Key focus of Digital Lab: Creative Hubs Managers

  • Create space to exchange experience and jointly search for solutions;  
  • Present case studies from the EU, the UK, and Ukraine;
  • Forge connections between programme participants;
  • Form a high-quality and meaningful space for online interaction.

The first edition of the Digital Lab in autumn 2020 explored new hybrid solutions for creative hubs. This is when we realized the importance of regular meetings for the professional community so that hubs managers could share experience, inspire each other and reinforce ideas. We are running Digital Lab in 2021 to dive into topics outlined at its first edition.

Digital Lab is the only programme for creative hubs managers in Ukraine. We believe now is the time to collaborate and generate new solutions for the sector. Join the second edition of the Digital Lab and become part of the next co-hort. 

What is Digital Lab about?

The focus of the second edition of the Digital Lab is the search of antifragility. What helps creative hubs to find a new way of work, balancing between online and offline? Experts from the EU, the UK, and Ukraine will work with the group throughout all sessions offering case studies and advice. 

Major themes of the sessions: 

  • Old/new reality. Transformations of creative hubs during the pandemic year;
  • How creative hubs managers can work with online and offline communities;
  • Sources of sustainability in unstable context: crowdfunding and other formats of involvement in co-creation;
  • Sustainable partnerships: cooperation at the local, national and international level. 

For whom?

This programme is for you, if:

  • You are a manager of existing Ukrainian creative hub, holding decision-making role. We also welcome managers of hubs that had to pause their operation due to COVID-19;
  • Your creative hub works with any/several sector(s) of creative industries;
  • Your creative hub operates offline or online. No matter of the format, essential is its existing community and contribution toward the development of the Ukraine’s creative economy at local/regional/national level;
  • You are interested in the new knowledge/skills/models and willing to connect with colleagues from Ukraine and the EU.

Your creative hub may be located in any city/region of Ukraine. We would be happy to see a mixture of big, medium and small cities represented among applicants. Programme participants need to hold the Ukrainian citizenship.

Participants of the first edition of the Digital Lab for creative hubs managers are welcomed to apply.

How will the Digital Lab run?

  • Digital Lab accommodates 20-25 participants;
  • Digital Lab consists of six online sessions (sessions take place in the second part of a day);
  • Each session features a presentation by the EU/UK speakers, case studies section, and group work around a key theme;
  • Some sessions include a home assignment;
  • Working language – Ukrainian. During all sessions, the online simultaneous translation from English to Ukrainian and vice versa is available.

What do I get by participating?

  • Opportunity to work with a group of peers representing different types of creative hubs from all over Ukraine;
  • Access to presentations by the EU and the UK experts working with creative hubs;
  • House of Europe alumni status (it provides access to alumni community, events and grants).


Learn about the speakers joining the Digital Lab: Creative Hubs Managers in this section.


Digital Lab: Creative Hubs Managers is a part of the EU-funded House of Europe programme. Organised jointly with NGO Insha Osvita

Key Dates

The registration for the Digital Lab: Creative Hubs Managers is currently closed. Please, follow this website to stay updated.


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