About the Programme

Supporting the Creative Economy is a self-taught online learning programme for the sector professionals working in the cultural and creative industries, including policy makers. Developed by Cultural Associates Oxford and the British Council, the programme is for the first time localised for Ukraine.

Participants will be able to broaden their understanding of the creative economy sector using lectures and cases from the UK, this will be supported with live facilitated sessions for the Ukrainian participants to discuss local situation and solutions. We promise participants new solutions and tools on how to support creative economy development at the level of their city/region/country, as well as expanding your professional network of contacts.

The training will last five weeks online. Along with the self-study modules, participants will have access to facilitated online sessions to discuss the materials with colleagues in the sector. Participants will receive a certificate of completion from the British Council and Cultural Associates Oxford.

Leave us your contact details to find out in time about the start of the new programme.