Study Tour for Creative Hubs Managers

Creative spaces (hubs) are one of the key elements within the creative industries ecosystem. As part of the EU-funded programme House of Europe, we are building the capacity of the Ukrainian creative hubs. Also, our aim is to facilitate new links and partnerships between hubs in Ukraine and the EU/the UK.

We planned a series of study tours for Ukraine-based hubs representatives to the EU and the UK to happen between 2020 and 2023. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tours calendar has changed. We hope that study tours will resume in 2021, so please follow updates at this page. Meanwhile, we invite creative hubs managers to join our new online programme Digital Lab.  

What is a creative hub?

Creative hub (space) – is a place, offline or online, that brings together creative people. Creative hubs may differ in size and focus, but ultimately a hub is a hub when it helps organisations and individuals to cooperate, develops creative economy ecosystem and forms professional/sectoral communities.  

What is the aim of the study tours?

Through these study tours, managers of the Ukrainian creative hubs will observe the various innovative models and approaches to hubs management in the EU countries and the UK. Also, participants will have a chance to establish new links and partnerships. Each study tour has its own focus, yet there are overall common objectives. They are:

  • to help professional creative circles in Ukraine get a more specific understanding of what a creative hub is and its functions;
  • to contribute to the formation amongst creative hub managers in Ukraine of a long-term strategic approach in managing and developing creative hubs by offering them examples and models from the European countries;
  • to facilitate local and international partnerships among creative hubs in Ukraine;
  • to contribute to forming partnerships between different initiatives and stakeholders supporting the development of the creative ecosystem in Ukraine;
  • to strengthen sectoral or geographic networks and spaces, which can form connecting points for business, cultural institutions, educational establishments and development organisations across all of Ukraine.

Target audience

Our key target audience is managers representing the existing Ukrainian creative hubs of different types, scope and sectoral focus. We also plan to develop several study tours for other stakeholders working with creative hubs. In particular:

  • founders and initiators of the acting creative hubs; 
  • representatives of regional authorities and policymakers influencing the creative industries ecosystem development;
  • representatives of universities operating a creative hub;
  • creative hubs investors (at the setting up stage).

Previous tours

The first study tour took place in February 2020. Eight creative hubs managers from Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Mariupol visited the UK (Liverpool and Manchester). The study tour was organised in partnership with the Baltic Creative CIC

Next tours

The next study tours are planned not earlier than in 2021. The focus of the upcoming tours will be maker spaces, creative hub as a social business, cultural heritage organisations as creative hubs. 


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