The British Council throughout its 25 years of operation in Ukraine has been actively working on building and strengthening capacity of Ukrainian universities to offer high-quality education services and serve as platforms for academic, professional and personal growth.

Our University Capacity Building Talks provide valuable insights of UK experts on what makes a modern university successful.

Effective International Offices

James Kennedy, Director Global Engagement at the University of Warwick, outlines benefits of internationalisation and shares ideas on what makes an international office efficient. Stephanie Sandford, Regional Manager for Europe, Russia and Central Asia at Coventry University, gives recommendations on what a university should do to be competitive in the education services market.

Skills for the Future

Ian Kinder, Chief Executive at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, discusses importance of timely identification and incorporation into university curriculum skills that meet future needs of businesses.

Perspectives on Leadership in Higher Education

Doug Parkin, Programme Director at Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, UK, analyses the difference between leadership and management and suggests ways of fostering and sharing leadership in higher education. 

Effective Communication and Team Work

Stuart Hunt, Key Associate of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, UK, elaborates on the principles of effective team work and communicating of ideas within university. 

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