A teacher with kids

The seven-week programme is delivered on the Online Teacher Community platform (OTC) synchronously and asynchronously. 

A synchronous component consists of a self-access online course and forum discussions.  An online course consists of 5 modules: Getting started, Understanding differentiation, Understanding lesson planning, Understanding lesson management and Understanding assessment for learning

In addition, teachers will get acquainted with topics specific to New Ukrainian School reform. They will be able to familiarise with  national standards for primary and basic school, to explore the flipped classroom approach and decide how it is applicable to their ELT context, to reconceptualise approaches to learning/teaching in view of the NUS reform and consider ways of contextualising learning and to analyse coursebook in terms of the external context and select and evaluate resources outside coursebooks.

Teachers will also explore their insights into learning/teaching, demonstrate their learning, express their views, share ideas, reflect, ask questions, voice concerns in facilitated forum discussion. In addition, teachers will write their reflection in their portfolio on the OTC platform. Facilitators will guide them by providing portfolio tasks. Forum discussion and portfolio tasks are based on the content of the online course and NUS specific topics. Interactions and discussions in groups are organised and managed by facilitators. In addition to an asynchronous component of the programme, teachers will participate in live sessions during which they share their insights, learning points and experience. After completing the online course, participating in forum discussions and live sessions, teachers will be awarded by a certificate.

You can find the programme of professional development of English teachers below.