A Ukrainian with the hearing disorder that is deaf from birth, does not feel confident in society. He is limited in his rights and opportunities. The entire life he stays in an informational vacuum. It is much more difficult to get education and to find a job for him than for a person that hears.

Why a sign language is worth of learning? First of all, it is one more way of communication, just like any other language. Second of all, knowing a sign language allows you to understand the world better and take it much deeper and wider. And the last but not least, it must be vital for policemen, rescuers, employers in social field, doctors and teachers to know a sign language, just like in any other civilized country. Inclusive societies should function well, a person with hearing disorder should be able of not only getting a proper education and finding a job but also should have opportunities to discover his own potential and be useful to society. 

You can blame the country, you can say that there is no financing for supporting this category of people that do have the same rights and freedoms just like other citizens. Or you can just do it. Participants of the project "Social reservation or «Communicator the ordinary»" developed educational modules that are added to the website of Open Maidan University. Using this modules everyone will be able to learn a sign language as well as to feel the world of different people. Of people that live in silence.