Public Space in Prut

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The creation of The Lighthouse — a busy public space located on the banks of the Prut River in Chernivtsi — and the first-ever such local cultural participation platform.


The design and location of the Lighthouse were arrived at in 2017 through a cooperative effort by the public, local government and business. For these three years the site has been supported by community activists and international donations.

"Around 40 organised and unplanned events have taken place at the space over the past two project summer seasons. These include parties, concerts, film screenings, lectures, planning meetings, photo sessions, presentations, discussions, picnics and more," according to Yaroslav Pobezhan.

The project is being implemented by the Dzestra Art Group, a gathering of Chernivtsi cultural activists and residents. The ArchiVision Architectural Competition, UrbanExploration research effort, and the closing of the City Workshop Festival all took place here. Young people organising parties choose the space for their outdoor events. The hashtags and slogans of the project are trending among local youth and locals love to stroll through the space and spend some downtime.


The project has prompted renewed interest in the stewardship of the river in the Prut Anew project. 

Prut Anew is an idea that promotes the cultural integration of the Prut River that runs through the centre of Chernivtsi. The bank that leads down from the historic city centre to the river — the industrial setting of Prut Street and the riverbank — possess significant potential as a recreational area dedicated to leisure and culture. It was important to showcase the novel features and capacity of the area by drawing attention to the potential for its repurposed venues. The effort also had to remove the stigma of the waterfront, showing that it was not isolated from, but essential to, a vibrant city centre.

The community began to re-think the infrastructure of the bike route developed as part of the project. Local media coverage of the riverfront and the town beach also greatly improved.

The Lighthouse — new to the banks of the Prut — provides Chernivtsi with a truly participatory cultural platform, where anyone may organise an event. The space is open to all forms of cultural expression, from music, cinema, theatre, dance, and contemporary art, to education, creative events and recreation. The Lighthouse has become a success story due to collaboration between the town’s public sector (project initiators and sponsors) and local business, city government and an active citizenry, volunteering and attending events at the space.


1. Fully conceptualise and visualize every stage of your project.

2. Look for ways to engage as many social groups as possible in the project.

3. Create as many informational drives as you can and actively engage with traditional and social media.