Active Citizen Olga Kushnir, who is an assistant to Kirovohrad flying academy director, came up with an idea to create a museum in an old plane. What for? To broaden kids' horizons especially kids from rural areas of Kirovohrad that have never travelled by plane. The project was also aimed at youth's professional orientation towards technical professions and their future employment in aviation that is underdeveloped today due to lack of professional.

As a result an interactive museum has been opened in Aviators' Alley in Kirovohrad  flying academy of National Aviation University inside a real legendary Ukrainian plane AN-24. There's a free access for every kid. At the museum children can learn about aviation, which professions there are, where you can study them and what are they about. Smartly designed interactive tools and aviation veterans' live storytelling motivate children to learn more and to be actively involved in sports. This also inspires them to be future pilots, stewards, traffic controllers etc.  

Quite a lot of partners joined the project. Among them there are Interregional union of experts of professional flying training, Veterans' council of Kirovohrad flying academy, "Urga" airline , Kirovohrad section of "Privatbank" and local media.