Volyn embroidery: symbolic techniques

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In Lutsk, they’ve been holding masterclasses for children on the creation of embroidery in the style of Volyn. Children are taught to distinguish traditional Volyn embroidery from that of other regions of the country. And they also found out about the meaningful symbolism sewn into Volyn embroidery and were taught a range of embroidering techniques.


The initiators of the Volyn Embroidery Masterclass, Anna Didukh and Olha Bakun of Lutsk National Technical University have this to say about their effort, funded through the Active Citizens programme: “Volyn folk embroidery is the face of the region, and the central task we have before us is reviving its symbolism. ”

"We see that people are beginning to forget the Volyn traditions altogether, and so our main task is to embody ancient symbolism in modern design projects and present this “Ukrainian face” internationally. We look to introduce this method and the essence of Volyn folk embroidery both in Ukraine and abroad. To teach people how to create ancient patterns that have meaningful symbolic value and offer protection to those who possess them."

Children learn how to create embroidery not merely for their own amusement but to be able to incorporate it in design development. Within the framework of the project there was a presentation of an exhibition of the work and creative processes involved in the creation of a design for a badge worn by our soldiers assigned to the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in eastern Ukraine.

“Overall, this project reflects a commitment to reviving Ukrainian culture and defining national identity,” the project leaders offered.

The team plans to hold similar workshops with different age groups.

“We want them to learn how to use their skills to produce new things and to apply them properly in graphic design. In every aspect of design we are seeing the positive impact of this masterclass.”


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