Innovative Space for University Students in Poltava

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In Poltava they’ve established a unique space for innovation for university students in support of the creative potential of youth. 


In developed nations higher educational institutions typically have dedicated spaces where students can pass their free time. Often, they’re specially equipped areas, co-working spaces, covered outdoor spaces, bookcrossing spaces with comfortable furniture, wi-fi and more.

Drawing on examples from abroad the Cultural Dialogue group decided to establish a creative space for students on its own—a type of innovative platform to help students test their creative potential. They came up with Initiative Space—a home where research and education, learning and relaxation intersect. It was the students themselves who set up the homey loft with soft armchairs, an original lighting scheme, a large, suspended folding table, hand-made coffee tables and benches in an expression of style, practicality and economy.

"The area we’ve organized provides students with needed space for work, study, class preparation, personal development and socializing in an inviting setting,” Veronika Kurkina of Cultural Dialogue tells us. “This project has permitted students with some downtime where they can spend time together, leading to more effective studying.”

Initiative Space is a youth-oriented project that has gathered people around vital issues in an informative and engaging fashion, to show them how to address a challenge in a way that can positively influence their environment and bring about change that begins, of course, in their own lives.

Unlike traditional halls, the informal atmosphere of this space has enriched student life by providing it with a place to spend their discretionary time beneficially. Bookcrossing (book exchange, including foreign language titles), logic game development, creative pursuits, community bonding, financial know-how, a photography zone and wi-fi are all a part of the experience for the students of the Academy. The space has become the heart of educational, cultural and other events of interest, as well as a prototype for other higher educational institutions in Poltava and around the country.

It’s also a symbol of change in the approach to formal education and a catalyst for youth development, helping reshape student values and perspectives. We expect that soon the space will feature specialized innovative quests using QR-codes.

Ms. Kurkin adds: "We’re employing cutting-edge technology to draw student attention to relevant topics like sustainable development, critical thought, media literacy, human rights and more."


1. Have realistic expectations, evaluate risks and establish quantifiable metrics of success.  

2. Establish clear and attainable goals—clear for the project team, investors and any third-party group involved in the project.   

3. Encourage each other every day and celebrate even the smallest signs of success and accomplishment met on the way to accomplishing your greater group objective.