The Big Idea Challenge is a video pitch competition which encourages young people from Creative Spark programme countries to develop an innovative ‘startup’ and tell the world about it.

Students, graduates and young entrepreneurs from participating institutions applied for the competition in 2019-2022. The competition was run in three categories:

  • Social Impact - Ideas tdhat tackle social inclusion and gender equality or target under-represented communities and the world beyond. This could have been any idea that aim to help those most in need
  • Creative - Ideas for a new product, an exhibition or a way to make cultural environment more vibrant. New ideas that will help creative people reach new audiences and become more successful.
  • Digital Technology - Ideas that are based on innovative uses of technology and involve the development and application of new software or hardware.
In each of the participating countries the international jury nominated the Category Winners and the Country Champion. Apart from that, public voting was run and the team that gained the largest number of public votes was chosen as the People’s Choice Winner.

Learn more about the Big Idea Challenge 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019 winners from Ukraine by reading the materials below.

Big Idea Challenge winners 2022

Digital technology category winner 2022 – SKIt – sports timing system is designed to automatically measure the passing time of a certain distance from start to finish. It can be used in classes, competitions, different kinds of sports activities where measuring of the exact time is needed.

Social impact category winner 2022 – Check It – an educational game that develops critical thinking skills while studying classic school subjects. For teacher- a platform with a tests database, a constructor for creating tasks, statistics about students. For student- a game with usual mechanics, characters, competitive atmosphere.

Creative category winner 2022 and Country champion 2022 – SaveArtUA, a charity foundation collects info about destroyed cultural sights of Ukraine. Meanwhile, they raise money for the preservation of these sites. The team's mission is to prove that russians can destroy cultural sights, but they cannot demolish our culture.

Country people’s choice winner 2022 – Robota v tylu, is Ukrainian platform for volunteer work and exchange of aid. The main goal of the platform is to help organizations and volunteers quickly find the necessary help throughout Ukraine and abroad.

Big Idea Challenge winners 2021

Creative category winner 2021 – Crafterz, the idea of a custom box that includes a recycled T-shirt, acrylic textile paint, stencil with a unique design, sponge and a step-by-step instruction to personalize clothes without the necessity of having artistic skills. The team represents Kyiv National Economic University. In the next months, team members will be working with a mentor on the idea’s development.

Digital technology category winner 2021 – Floorer - outstanding floorplans in minutes, a digital product that automates the process of floorplans development for architects that helps in creating new architecture as well as in the renovating of existing real estate. The team was nominated to take part in the competition by PPV Knowledge Networks. The team will receive support from an experienced mentor to develop their project further.

Social impact category winner 2021 – IONKID, a project nominated for participation in the competition by Lviv Polytechnic National University. IONKID is a web-mobile platform that automates the documentation and adjustment of autism therapy artifacts, provides tools to analyze them and track the child’s progress. Team members will be supported by mentor in developing their project during the upcoming months. 

Climate change category winner and Country champion 2021 – Dillsy, a digital bill system, which is an innovative alternative for paper receipts that will reduce deforestation, emissions of paper waste and toxic printer ink taking place for regular receipts. The team of Maksym Omelchenko and Andrii Zakharchenko represents V.N. Karazin National University. Dillsy will participate in the Creative Spark Launchpad exclusive virtual sprint programme, receive the support of a qualified mentor, as well as £ 2,000 prize award for project’s development. 

Country people’s choice winner and International people’s choice winner 2021 – Aid - Artificial Intelligence Graphical Constructor, a web application that lets people use complicated artificial intelligence concepts and algorithms with no prior knowledge of how they work. The team of Mykhailo Mamchur and Violetta Bilynska was nominated to take part in the competition by Lviv Polytechnic National University. Aid will be awarded a spot in an exclusive virtual Creative Spark Launchpad programme, mentoring scheme and £ 2,000 prize award to develop their idea.

Big Idea Challenge winners 2020

Creative category winner 2020 – Eleobike, a smart security system that converts ordinary bicycles into electric bikes. The team of Serhii Davydov and Maksym Kuzminchuk was nominated by Lviv Polytechnic National University. In the upcoming months the team will be awarded with a dedicated mentor to work with the team, giving personalised advice to help develop a business idea.

 Digital technology category winner 2020 – Warm paper, automated printing points network. The project was developed by the team from Lviv Polytechnic National University: Yurii Horbal, Andrii Chumak, Volodymyr Hresko. The team already equipped 6 printing points at the university to solve students’ needs. The team will receive a qualified support of the mentor to further develop their project. 

Pandemic response innovation winner 2020 – is a new award to welcome creative ideas on Covid19 social response, post-Covid recovery and innovation. Disinspector Toucan represented by Paul Yesyp, Peter Yesyp, Michael Shulhan has developed an accessible, good looking device for quick, effective contactless hand disinfection. PPV Knowledge Network nominated the team to take part in the competition. Disinspector Toucan won a victory in this category and will receive a spot in an exclusive virtual Start-up Sprint Programme, mentoring package and £ 1,000 prize award. 

Social impact category winner, country people’s vote winner and country champion 2020 – Lady Di Atelier, the first Ukrainian inclusive atelier providing equal labour conditions for people with disabilities. The project was nominated by NGO Tech Start-up School. The project's aim is to provide employment for them and let feel equal, free to create. Children with Down syndrome create paintings which are turned into prints on scarves. The team of three – Olha Stavnykovych, Yaryna Yanchak and Iryna Liakhovenko –  has already sold more than 800 scarves. In the nearest future, they are planning to open a showroom for kids with Down syndrome. Lady Di Atelier will be awarded a spot in anexclusive virtual Start-up Sprint Programme, mentoring scheme and £ 2,000 prize award to develop their project.

Big Idea Challenge winners 2019

Creative category winner 2019 – Jewelry Art Education, an online academy for jewellery art: learn, create and share, developed by Bohdana Skin. The project was nominated by PPV Knowledge Networks Ltd. The project team was entitled to video conference advice and guidance from an experienced business mentor over the course of 6 months. Read Bohdana's interview and watch her video pitch here.

Social impact category winner and international public vote winner 2019 – Designer products from recycled textile waste project  by Tamara Ustenko, nominated by the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design. The project team was awarded mentoring package which is a great possibility to develop the project that has already found its audience. Apart from that, Tamara’s project became an International public vote winner among 7 countries. The winner was granted £ 2,000 to develop the project and represented Ukraine at the international final of the Big Idea Challenge in the UK where three international category champions and an overall international champion were selected. Read Tamara's interview and watch her video pitch here.

International champion, country champion and digital technology category winner 2019 – PiPillow, a smart pillow developed by Oleksandr Shymanko, Andrii Zhydenko, and Serhii Dmytrenok. This personal device allows to improve the quality of sleep. The project was nominated by Tech StartUp School. The team received  £ 5,000 prize award to develop their project and represented Ukraine at the international final of the Big Idea Challenge in the UK were the team was announced an International champion. Read Oleksandr's interview and watch his video pitch here.

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