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You can find information on different aspects of university teachers’ professional development and teaching excellence by accessing the following useful resources:

  1. The impact report of the first year of the Ukraine Higher Education Teaching Excellence Programme (available in English), which you can find by the link.
  2. The lecture "Teaching Excellence – UK experience" by Doug Parkin, Principal Adviser for Leadership and Management, Advance HE, which opened the Teaching and Learning Excellence Forum in 2021 (available in English with Ukrainian subtitles). Watch the video from YouTube.
  3. Article Teaching mathematics in a time of war.  Dr Anastasia Yakovenko is a lecturer in mathematics from Bogdan Khmelnitsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University, Ukraine, which has been in the Russian occupied territories since the first days of the war. This blog is compiled from her reflections about her experiences of teaching during the war and the emotional impact on, her, her friends and family, and students.
  4. Article Learning to teach in wartime. Olga Yashenkova, Associate Professor in the Department of English Philology and Intercultural Communication at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, shares reflections of her experiences of teaching during the war in Ukraine, and the impact of Russia's attacks: on her, her friends, family, and students.