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Advocacy programme

How can youth councils increase institutional capacity and impact? How to communicate and to advocate youth ideas and to align a partnership with the local authority? How to become a solid and efficient doer, the actual voice of youth in the community? 

The youth councils that participated in the advocacy and partnership training programme know answers to all these questions. Because they took part in advocacy and partnership training, they had the opportunity to develop advocacy campaigns and receive financial and mentors' support in their delivery.  

Fourteen youth councils from different Ukraine regions started their campaigns since March 2021 and came to the actual results. The topics are focused on schools' participatory budget, creating youth centres and youth councils, developing and approving road and bicycle safety city programmes etc. All these ideas were set and advocated by youth and depict the required local issues. 

The manual “Advocacy for youth councils”, which includes the experts’ recommendations for effective advocacy campaigns delivery, and the digest “Advocacy campaigns cases” based on youth councils experience, have been developed within the project. These materials can be downloaded from the website. 

The project is delivered by NGO "Sustainable development agency "Skyscraper" and Youth workers association with the British Embassy Kyiv and British Council Ukraine support.