Active Citizens Camp is a youth-oriented platform that aims at the development of social and community leadership skills; promotes ideas and experience exchange, brings awareness of opportunities for community development.  

We welcome to become the participants those youth and student leaders, who have the experience of social projects delivery in their community, university or organisation.
For more information and registration, please follow the link: 

Active Citizens Camp
Табір активних громадян

Who can become a participant?

In order to become a participant, you should: 

    • Be, and/or consider yourself, a leader in your community/university/organisation in some way. Volunteering experience is desirable. 
    • Have proven experience of social project delivery. 
    • Be motivated and ready to work to create positive change in your community. 
    • Be at least 18 years of age. 
    • Have a PC/laptop, internet access and the possibility to take part in camp online activities from 11am-2pm during weekdays.

What will the online camp look like?

  • Main activities will be delivered from 11.00 till 14.00 on weekdays.
  • There will be optional evening sessions as well as individual and group homework tasks. 
  • 50% of the agenda is based on the British Council’s Active Citizens methodology that will help participants to become more self-aware, develop their dialogue skills, learn how to plan and deliver a social action project. 
  • The agenda also includes space for networking, presentation of your own initiatives, and your success and lessons-learned stories, and meetings with European and Ukrainian opinion leaders. 
  • The participants will plan team-based social projects that should be delivered between 28 August and 28 September 2020. 

What the participants of the camp will get?

Every participant will get:

  • The chance to make professional connections with 40 young leaders from other regions of Ukraine. 
  • The chance to learn more about successful youth practices in Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the European Union. 
  • Funding, team, and mentoring to implement the social initiative. You will have up to UAH 10,000, a team of other participants of the camp, and the support of experts in project management. 
  • Membership in the House of Europe and Active Citizens alumni communities. 

Four more camps will be delivered in 2020-2022 years. They will be announced on our media resources. Stay tuned!

Active Citizens Camps are delivered within the House of Europe programme, which is an EU-funded programme fostering professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in EU countries. The programme focuses on different professional fields: culture and creative industries, education, health, social entrepreneurship, media, and youth.
For more information about House of Europe, please visit: