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How to effectively implement social action projects, cooperate with local governments, respond to the risks and challenges of project management in today's changing environment – these and other questions will be answered together at an online conference supported by the European Union within the project "Strengthening Cross-Sectoral Cooperation for Social Cohesion". 

The purpose of the conference  

The "Laboratory of Cooperation" brings together active citizens to share experiences of cross-sectoral cooperation.

The conference is part of the project "Strengthening Cross-Sectoral Cooperation for Social Cohesion", funded by the British Council and the European Union and implemented by the British Council together with three experienced national partners: NGO "Strong Community", NGO "Youth Platform" and Kherson Regional Charitable Fund “Union”. The Strengthening Cross-Sectoral Cooperation for Social Cohesion project is being implemented under the British Council's Active Citizens program.

Whom do we invite  

  • Active citizens who want to participate in the development of cooperation with other sectors and become part of positive changes in their communities throughout Ukraine. 
  • Representatives of civil society, entrepreneurs, winners and participants of the pitchings who work on the implementation of social action projects in communities. 
  • Representatives of local governments and authorities at various levels. 

Working language: Ukrainian 

Conference programme 

The Conference will take place online for three days (from 7 to 9 December 2021) and will consist of educational and interactive components. The programme will include communication with practitioners during panel discussions and small group discussions on six different topics: 

  • Partnership with local authorities – how to gain support and develop a sustainable partnership. 
  • Volunteer management – how to gather a team and motivate volunteers. 
  • Force majeure, risks and mistakes – what to do and how to act? 
  • Communications – how to tell about the project so that everyone knows about you. 
  • Additional resources – how to attract more opportunities for project implementation. 
  • Community-business – building a lasting partnership.