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From July 09 to 13, 2021, community-level online pitching took place in Fastiv, Kyiv Oblast, as part of the Strengthening Cross-Sectoral Collaboration for Social Cohesion (SC3) project.

Local pitching is a call for social action projects with the financial support of the European Commission and the British Council in co-financing with local governments.

Social Action Project - a project aimed at positive social change in the community.

Who could participate?

Active citizens who were planning a social action project for the development of their community and wanted to receive financial support for its implementation could take part in the pitching.

Details of participation in the competition at the community level (local pitching)

Residents of the Fastiv community from the age of 18 who had an idea to improve the life of the community, develop cooperation with local authorities to solve problems and achieve a common goal could participate in the local pitching.

All projects must be implemented by 14 December 2021. Reporting on implemented projects is provided until 14 January 2022.

What were the requirements for Social Action Projects (SAPs)?

The project must be based on generally accepted societal values, be well-planned and relate to local-global connections.

SAPs might also be aimed at:

  • strengthening of social cohesion in Ukraine;
  • creation and strengthening links between volunteers, local authorities, hospitals, businesses and other representatives of the social processes;
  • support for older people and promote inclusiveness (enhancing equal access to the community, including disabled people); 
  • contribution to the improvement of the environment;
  • promotion of youth development, popularization of active citizenship and leadership;
  • support of mental health of the community citizens in condition of social distancing;
  • promotion of the gender equality and ensuring equal rights and opportunities.

Here were some examples of ideas for social action projects:

  • Creative space: creation of creative elements and picturesque corners of improvement on city streets.
  • Carrying out activities to improve the health of young people, safe lifestyles and health culture among young people.
  • Ecological and tourist ideas: laying eco-trails, creating new tourist attractions, etc.
  • Creative initiatives: development of meaningful leisure of youth, youth events, activities, etc.
  • Ideas aimed at providing access to public and tourist facilities for disabled people.

Project budget:

Up to UAH 30,000 was provided for one social action project

The total pitching budget was UAH 300,000, of which:

  • UAH 150,000 was provided by the Fastiv City Council of Kyiv Oblast
  • UAH 150,000 was provided within  Strengthening Cross-Sectoral Collaboration for Social Cohesion (SC3) project

Local Pitching Organisers:

  • NGO «Strong Community»
  • Fastiv City Council of Kyiv Oblast 
  • The British Council and the European Union, represented by the European Commission, in the framework of the Strengthening Cross-Sectoral Collaboration for Social Cohesion (SC3) project 

Winners of social actions projects competition in Fastiv, Kyiv Oblast:

No Title Funding within the SC3 project Local authority support Other co-funding Aim of project
1 Art bus stops ‘Artists of our homeland’ 27,885.00 0.00 4,500.00 Together with local artists and volunteers to restore and paint two public transport stops to acquaint residents and guests of the district with the artistic traditions of our villages and increase the index of social cohesion.
2 Achilles 30,000.00 0.00 3,800.00 Establishment of a multifunctional sports complex "Achilles" in Potiivka district to promote a healthy lifestyle among local residents and further creation of a community that will introduce new useful and interesting initiatives (running, yoga, aerobics).
3 Art-village tour 7,780.00 0.00 7,000.00 Organization of 2 two excursion routes to increase the cultural level of residents and tourists, as well as increase the tourist attractiveness of the area.
4 Youth space 0.00 29,225.00 29,200.00 Create a multifunctional space for young people to improve teir communication skills, promote a healthy lifestyle, develop leadership skills and comprehensive development.
5 School bike 0.00 27,000.00 3,000.00 Installation of bicycle parking lots near the school to create favorable conditions for parking and storage of bicycles for students and school visitors.
6 Mini Park. Waiting and rest area on the territory of the post offic 0.00 29,105.00 3,000.00 Creating a waiting and rest area on the territory of the post office to improve the living conditions of residents and improve the quality of service.
7 Pier on the loch 12,000.00 16,400.00 33,500.00 Build a pier on the pond to improve the environment and safe, comfortable and interesting pastime for young people.
8 Beach for everyone 0.00 29,980.00 79,000.00 Creating a comfortable recreation area - a beach area for different categories and age groups of people.

General information: 

Active Citizens is a social leadership programme that promotes intercultural dialogue and social responsibility. The programme is being implemented by the British Council in Ukraine since 2014. 

Organisations – national partners:  

  • Kherson Regional Charitable Fund ‘UNION’ 
  • Non-governmental organisation ‘Strong community’ 
  • Non-governmental organisation ‘Youth Platform’ 

The Strengthening Cross-Sectoral Collaboration for Social Cohesion (SC3) project is a 36-month project aimed at effectively addressing development challenges and opportunities at local level through improved cooperation between civil society organisations (CSOs) and local authorities (LAs) in Ukraine. It is funded by EU and the British Council, and delivered by the British Council working with three experienced (CSO) co-applicants and will operate across all of the Government-controlled areas (GCA) of Ukraine, including GCA Donetsk and Luhansk. 

European Union, represented by the European Commission 

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, working with over 100 countries across the world.